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Psycho’s two sons are already taking the lead in the Next Generation of Society’s Enemy!


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They still have a little ways to go from stomach sliding to skating, but the older one has the right idea!

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Weird Wood Skateboards

Built on twenty acres of land in North Berwick, Maine, The Weird Wood Compound/Playground has been dubbed by many the Skatetopia of Maine.  It is a backyard, home built skate park that is full of fun and craziness. They hosted their first Skate Competition recently, and a few of the SE boys decided to attend to check it out. This is no typical home built skate park though, the Weird Wood Compound is skillfully put together and has so much to do and new things to try. Skaters from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and probably a few other states drove up to join in on the fun.

Check out the Weird Wood facebook page with the link provided, they have a cool line of skater supplies.