Founding and Evolution

SE Logo

The underground Skate Team Society’s Enemy, a local amateur skateboarding team in the South Portland area of Southern Maine, was founded in June of the year 2005 by Team Members Psycho, Sirk, and Shane. The Team was started in the housing community of Red Bank and was managed by the three members at Psycho’s house where they had a 3ft by 20ft by 4ft Half Pipe, 2 Rails, a 4ft Quarter Pipe, and the Table of Doom to practice skating. The Table of Doom was a 12ft picnic table that was covered in intricate graffiti, and was where the Team Members were able to come up with all the ideas and plans for the team. The Scarborough Skate Park in Scarborough Maine, was where the Team Members spent most of their time together.

Throughout the next 8 years the team settled into the four members it has today, Sirk aka Kris, Psycho aka Matt, Beast aka Manley, and Fes aka Taavet. The four members, as a team, try to support all local Maine Skate Shops, Skate Parks, and Skate Companies, by competing in competitions and attending any of the events that are held in the local areas.

Currently the four Team Members are living in Maine and New Hampshire. They all live and work in their normal, separate, every day lives, but still try to get together as a Team on a regular basis and continue to skate together; whether it be goofing around at skate parks, practicing for skate comps, playing SKATE in the streets, skating at events hosted by local skate companies, or introducing the next generation of Skaters, Psycho’s two sons. The Society’s Enemy legacy, although still being strongly represented by the four current members, will continue on in the newest generation as each member begins to settle down and start families. The four SE Originals will always be local legends in the local underground skating community.


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