SE Blog 2It has been almost a year since Sirk and Psycho have been able to get together. Life takes us all in different directions and keeps us busy. Upon getting together, Sirk and Psycho decided to go skateboarding. Of course, that night it snowed a couple inches. The long term friends and skating buddies didn’t let that dampen their spirits.

After a thirty minute drive, we arrived at the Dover, New Hampshire skate park to find it covered in snow (as was expected) and the boys immediately set to work shoveling off the half pipe. They were even able to coerce a few of the kids hanging around to help break up the ice with their feet.SE Blog 3

As the day wore on, the work became intense and the sweatshirts came off. Sirk and Psycho were determined to get the half pipe cleared off. The day was warm, well into the forties, and the streets had been drying quickly in the area. The goal was to get all of the ice and snow off one half and allow it to dry while working on the other half.

The shoveling and scraping continued for over two hours. It was quite the project to take on, especially while the sun was starting to set behind the boys as they continued their laborious work.

SE Blog  Progress was made. They held out longer than the impatient children hanging around. After over two hours of shoveling and the sun sinking considerably, and Psycho using a one square foot sized cloth to try and soak up some water, they finally got to reap the rewards of their labor!

Psycho Enjoying his new Light Up Cruiser





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